Choosing the right Energy Choice Site for your brand - RateCompare.it


Here at RateCompare.it we want the best available rates for all deregulated states to be shown to every single person or business that searches on our site, and by best we don't just mean the cheapest. 


We understand that not all plans are the same. There are a variety of reasons why some suppliers may be better than others, and while most of the time it might just be better price it could also be green commitments, reward programs and customer service.  As these other benefits should not be overlooked, our next phase of development will focus on the algorithms to display the most appropriate plans to the right people at the right time, comparing plans for all relevant customer benefits, not just the price. 


We strive to simplify the whole process by:

·Educating residents in deregulated states about their rights, or their power, to choose.

·Explaining the difference between utility and suppliers in an engaging manner.

·Highlighting the difference between different plans and programs.

·Simplifying the process by which the right user finds the right supplier switching to  


If you have any queries about getting your energy plans listed on our site then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

·email: shout@ratecompare.it

·telephone: 833-7SAVING