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    The switch happens seamlessly. Your bills will look the same-but they’ll be lighter.

The Energy Marketplace

Imagine if your local grocery stores only sold their own brand of high-priced milk. Want something cheaper? Prefer organic or soy? You’re out of luck.

Of course, we’d never put up with that. So why put up with it from your power company?

Like milk, electricity can come from different providers who make it in different ways. Some do it cheaper, helping you save money. Others use methods that are better for the environment. And like with milk, you have the power to choose.* That means you can either save money, reduce your carbon footprint, or both.

Just like getting different milk from the same store, you’ll still get your bills from your local power company. You can make the switch in minutes. No hassles—you’ll receive and pay your bills the same way. They’ll just be lighter.

*If you live in a deregulated state.